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The Session – our elected Elders and Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon – govern the church and set policies and practices within the overall governing structure of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Session meets monthly. Dates are posted on the website calendar.

Elders are chosen by the people; each elder is elected by congregational vote to serve a three-year term on the Session. Together with our Pastor, they exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of our church, as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships. The principle job of each of our serving Elders is to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation.

Moderator: The Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon
Clerk: Barbara Johnston

Class of 2024
Dave Ball
Barbara Johnston
MaryBeth Yelanjian
Laura Kimberly


Class of 2025
James Short
Christy Tayler
JoAnne Gutliph
Jeff Schriver


Class of 2026
Brad Bradley
Ray Langley
Dave Williams
Kathy Massie



Updated 1.11.2024